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tv   MSNBC News Live  MSNBC  October 19, 2010 2:00pm-3:00pm EST

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playing field. nbc's chuck todd is nbc news political director. he joins us to break it down for us. in true football strategy form, you're going to be our coach through this. we have a little ipad app. i swear, we want to make it happen. as you can see, what's behind me, what's in my hand, 14 days to go before voters head to the ballot box. let's look first at the battle of the house. the battle to get to 218. and this is how things will look. for the republicans to get the majority, they need to get 39 seats. my apologies there. both parties believe now up to 100 districts are at play. so basically, if you look at it here. here are the districts in play there. there's probably five or ten republican seats in play. nearly half the democratic caucus is somewhat in play. what does that mean? it means a democratic incumbent may end up with less than 60%,
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but with 100 seats in play, if they only need 39, then we're looking at less than 50% of the democratic seats in play that republicans have to pick up in order to get it. you never know. it's a surprise. waves happen. it could get higher. or make democrats can prevent it. here's the way the senate breaks down now. there's 59 democratic seats. we have the two independents here. that's bernie sanders and joe lieberman. we have about six republican seats in play. then we have 12 democratic seats in play. 18 seats in play. republicans have to win 16 of the 18 seats. let's look at their path to 51. republicans need to net ten seats. joe biden is the tie breaker in the senate. so they need to net ten. how do they get there? here's the first eight we look at here.
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north dakota, you have arkansas. and indiana. those three are in the bag as far as republicans are concerned. the next one on the list is wisconsin. democrats think things have gotten better for them. but he's behind. then you have the next four. which all are pretty close. colorado, illinois. west virginia, pennsylvania. republicans probably have a slight lead in pennsylvania. democrats probably have a slight lead in west virginia. illinois and colorado are pure toss-ups. but, again, republicans have to sweep all of these and in wave elections, that's what we see. how do they get there? let's look at what they're looking for now. there are three blue seats on the map we're highlighting. republicans have to win two of the three. that's connecticut over here. washington state, and, of course, nevada. right now republicans would say nevada is their best shot. that gets them to nine. where do they find vote 51? if right now they're putting the
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money where the mouth is. that is washington state. you're seeing more republican money go to washington state than either connecticut at this point. obviously nevada we're seeing a lot. then they'll throw in, republicans claim, they still got a shot at california. the polls are close. all the intangibles favor the democrats. at this point, that's where we're at. we'll keep breaking this down for you. we'll keep playing with our ipad apps. i'm getting my handwriting better. how is this? semi readable here. >> let's see you do it in cursive. the democrats are playing. how is that for a picket fence? does that work? they're playing defense at this point. republicans on offense. >> you have two weeks to work on the handwriting. >> i do. it's more of the new way they've given me to hold the ipad, which has me fired up. >> it's nice. >> you can get one and we can throw it back and forth and pretend we're on the beach. >> thank you, sir. >> all right.
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we're moving onto talk about what is takes place tonight another big night in debates for america this eveningful these public performances can really make or break the candidates. kelly o'donnell joins us now from the washington bureau. who are we looking at tonight? the big debates coming up. >> reporter: first, i come to you empty handed. i have no gadget. >> kelly, we'll take you any way we can get you. chuck has to bring gadgets. y you, no. >> crunching of the numbers. one of the races, chuck was talking about the senate candidates going head to head. that was in illinois where you have a lot of history to this seat. the democratic seat that was president obama being held by roland burris. mark kirk up against alexi
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giannoulias. each have baggage, as candidates often do. and it's a tight race. that's one we'll be watching closely. then florida where it's a three-way crowd eed field. that's marco rubio, the tea party republican. charlie crist, the governor who left the party, and kendrick meek who had help from bill clinton stumping today. the last time we saw these three it was a case of them trying to get in their punches. they really divined themselves trying to stake out separate territory. it will be interesting to see if that will change a bit as the numbers continue to evolve showing march march -- marco rubio in polls. many people think democrats will split between crist, who is more
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middle of the road, and meek. and that could, in fact, help roo rubio win the seat. governors will be talking tonight, too. any voter who wants to see what the candidates are talking a about, there's a lot to watch. >> it's must-see tv when it comes to debate coverage. >> at any moment the big gaffe could happen. >> it could. >> and we have to give them their chance. occasionally they say meaningful things that move the dial in their way. that's true. so paul simon had a big hit in 1975 with a tune called 50 ways to leave your lover. 35 years later far from levering their lovers, women are leaving behind conventional wisdom when it comes to running for office. female candidates from very diverse backgrounds are emerging as tomorrow's leaders and they're doing it their way.
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emily is the senior editor of slate. she cowrote the story 51 ways to be a new woman. she joins me now from new haven, connecticut. good to have you with us. take us through the new categories for women who want to get elected. one is the mama grizzly. what else do we have? >> what else do we have? well, we have these corporate women, executives leaning hard on their executive experience, and they really know how to go after their opponents. >> so let's look back and see what we have. we have the mama grizzlies. we have the former ceos who are turning out to be attractive, because they bring their business model into the political model, isn't that correct, emily? >> that's right. we're talking carly fiorina in california running for senate and meg whitman running for governor. and linda mcmahon in connecticut running as a republican for senate. >> the one the guys may not like is the emasculator.
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>> a lot of women are saying to the male opponents, man up. that particular phrase. that's one sharron angle used against harry reid recently and robin carnahan used it in missouri. christine o'donnell told mike castle to put his man pants on. >> that's right. don't leave your man pants at home. i want to go ahead and play you something, the wife of a male candidate said back in 1992 and get your reaction on the other side. >> i suppose i could have stayed home and baked cookies and had teas. i decided to fulfill my profession, which i entered before my husband was in public life. >> that was mrs. clinton. cause ad big controversy back then. as mrs. clinton wasn't on the ballot. how would that remark be perceived today? >> i don't think anybody would like it anymore today than they did. but what we have seen in the
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kind of multiplying of different profiles that candidates take on are women who own motherhood. they say one of their qualifications for office is they know how to run a household. >> that's a great point that takes me to the next question. the primo mama grizzly. how much of this can be traced back to that of sarah palin? >> i think sarah palin gets credit for exactly this. she appeared on the national stage, and instead of hiding their children, a lot of women feel like they have to present themselves as masculine as possible. they don't talk about their kids or family. palin was there holding her baby with her kids surrounding her. she really had a just different approach to this entirely. >> right, and now we all have a stake in bristol palin in "dancing with the stars." so with all the challenges facing this country at the current moment, do voters care
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if the politicians are male or female? >> i think there's a lot to that. what we're seeing among voters is that republican voters are skeptical in general. women are skeptical of republican candidates in general. so the women behind, they're just behind because they're republican candidates. not because they're women. >> it's a great article. we really appreciate your time today. >> thank you. >> well, the white house is now calling for a review of u.s. intelligence regarding the alleged american conspirator involved in the 2008 mumbai terror attack. they're trying to find out if there was a communication breakdown among u.s. agencies that may have helped identify david hedley. he became a key figure in the plot that killed 106 people in mumbai. two ex-wives separately shared concerns with u.s. officials before the attacks. each day the fbi received nearly 1,000 tips on terrorism and other criminal matters.
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nearly 2 million since the september 11th attacks. how are the tips vetted? when do officials step? rob is president of good harbor consulting. he joins us live from virginia. so what exactly does the white house investigation mean about this? >> well, i think, thomas, it means that this was a serious enough dropped ball, if you will, that it warranted the white house to direct the justice department and the fbi to look at the policies and procedures in place and think about in the 2005 to 2008 time frame how could someone like hedley come to their attention, or they decided there wasn't sufficient information to continue an investigation. headley is a fascinating character. one reference to him is he was a chameleon. he served a lot of different interests. part of the question is, who was he actually working for and to what end?
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>> let's go ahead and put up the graphic we had of his background. he was a ka millichameleon. he was really interesting upbringing. he changed his name to his mother's maiden name, which was headley. she was a wealthy woman that came from a wealthy philadelphia family. his father was a renowned broadcaster. he was married several times to wives. the wooifs are the ones that came forward, giving the details to the fbi of his involvement with terrorist groups. how can the fbi or anyone informed about this say this was a real miss? >> i think the real question here is when the wives came to law enforcement and laid out all these claims about his relationship with lashcar, did they view the statements in the proper frame work, which is this? the wife is saying he's done all these things. he's bragging about it. do we run it to ground? or do they view it in the context of domestic dispute. there was an assault charge on
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headley and they choose not to follow up on it. if that was the case, that was a jor mistake. if they did follow up on it and were unable to get additional corroboration. were there other pieces of information that were out there that were missed by the fbi and law enforcement or never found to corroborate the claims of the wife. had that happened, maybe they would have looked at headley in a much different light. >> we appreciate your time. he really is a fascinating guy. but it is a wake-up call for everybody paying attention to what's going on around us. so how safe is your child on the the football field? from concussions to spinal injury, no sport is more dangerous. look at these hits with six serious injuries alone this weekend. stay with us. we'll talk about what you need to know before your child gets in the game. hey, did you ever finish last month's invoices?
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are you ready for football?
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the american love affair dates back to the first game between princeton and rutgers. so there's a bitter irony to the fact it was a rutgers junior, eric lagrand left paralyzed. he was injured making what appeared to be this routine tackle on a kickoff return late in the game he lay motionless on the ground as a hushed stadium held its breath only to see him then carted off and taken to the hospital. now, his injury was followed by several close call miss the nfl the very next day, and his parents across the country and a lot of parents across the country are wondering if it's safe to let their own kids play football. we have head of neurosurgical trauma care. he's part of the team treating eric lagrande. what typically causes the spinal cord injury?
3:18 pm
>> there's typically a mechanism of acute flexion or extension of the neck. if we take a model and basically look at it with a cervical spine is this area, c 1, as we call it to c-7, it's there's acute motion forward or acute motion back, that can lead to a spinal cord injury. >> so this is notre dame football helmet right here. this is a typical college football helmet. you can see the padding and everything inside. does it give a false sense of security? what does this do when your head snaps back and there's no support there? >> basically the helmets produced at this point have been there for prevention of head injury. so they've done a good job at that. they may have given a false sense of security to a certain extent as far as the neck is concerned, because they're really not protecting the neck. and for the most part, if
3:19 pm
they're used as potentially a weapon in the sense of spear wrg the head goes first, if anything that may accelerate the possibility of causing a spinal cord injury. >> how young is too young for someone to play tackle football? >> i don't know that we have an answer for that. the risk is relatively small. if we look at 10,000 spinal cord injuries each year in the country, 10% are sports related injuries. a minor fraction is sports related injuries. it's most likely to occur in middle school to high school years because of the differences in size of most of the players. once you get to the college or national level, they're similar sizes. >> there are roughly 100,000 injuries a year to deal with the spinal cord. when is too many that a parent may say, you know what, i'm a little too concerned now? i'm looking at the kids on the other side. i'm not thinking the coach is giving my kid the proper lessons for tackling.
3:20 pm
there is no real proper way to tackle. as we saw in his case, there wasn't anything special about the way he was trying to tackle somebody. now he's paralyzed. >> basically in my experience, this is one of the few, i can count on one hand the number of football injuries leading to final cord paralysis that i've had to deal with in 25 years of training in practice. so to say that this is something that we're going to see commonly, again, if you teach good technique, avoid spearing, those are the things that are likely to avoid final cord injury, even though in this particular case it doesn't look like a spearing situation. >> what about other sports that also have their players wear helmets, talking about hockey? lacrosse is a fast playing sport, tough sport where helmets are needed. in those sports, should parents be worried about the type of injuries their kids could face, especially when these are just, and these are just for head trauma. just for head injury. >> i don't think it's helmet sports. contact sports could include
3:21 pm
gymnastics. motor vehicle accidents are the first and foremost producers of these injuries. falls are next. a fall on a trampoline, the mini trampolines out there are also significant injury producers. hockey, gymnastics, rugby, not played much in this country, football, those are the ones that will get the potential risk because o the nature of the sport. >> in the case of lagrand and other injuries, what's the long term prognosis? >> that will depend on the first 72 to 96 hours of evaluation. if a patient presents a complete spinal cord injury where there's true severing or electrical separation of the tissue, after 96 hours, 72 hours, if we don't see improvement t chances are minimal as far as recovery is concerned. >> thank you very much for joining us today. we appreciate all this
3:22 pm
information. good for parents out there to know. especially this time of year. >> appreciate it. >> we've become a pill popping nation. a lot of us out there. there's a drug for everything to cure us. what happens when the drug that is supposed to cure a problem actually makes it worse? and why does this happen? we're going to explore that next. stay with us. a tool where people can enter the terms of the refinance offer they got from their mortgage guy, and know instantly if they're getting bamboozled. and i will start after lunch...tomorrow. don't just think about it. introducing lendingtree's free "look before you lock" tool. enter the terms of your existing loan offer to instantly find out how it compares to other offers, areas you may be overpaying, and even negotiation points to help you get a better deal. only at lendingtree. [ male announcer ] it's outlast lipstain from covergirl. [ drew ] light as air lipwear that does what a lipstick can't. with one sold every 15 seconds,
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and after 300 years we have gotten pretty good at that.
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this is your cnbc market wrap. let's look at how stocks are doing. we're sitting at session lows with the dow back below the 11,000 mark at 10,935. new home construction meantime, those numbers are out today,
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rising unexpectedly in september with the strongest growth since april. housing stocks are up 0.3%. and bank of america says it is calling off a moratorium and will once again start foreclosures on more than 100,000 homes in 23 states next week. the bank was delaying foreclosures since the beginning of october after evidence emerged some lenders cut corners wheen filing paperwork. they will face a barrage of questions from wall street analysts about foreclosures. ena big announcement from mcdonald's. the mcrib is back. but only for a limited time. the pressed pork sandwich will be available for six weeks starting on november 2nd. until now it's only been offered in select markets, not nationwide. and that sit from cnbc first in business worldwide. >> don't you love they're breaking it out on election day. let us have it through the holidays only to take it away
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from us in the new year. great to see you. thanks. so if you are taking prescription medication, listen carefully. the food and drug administration has concluded at least two drugs being marketed, sold and prescribed to treat serious medical problems were actually causing those problems. osteoporosis drugs have been in care races showed to lead to fractures of the thigh bone and degeneration of the jawbone. and the popular diabetes drug avandia increases the heart risks caused by diabetes. regulators are restricting the use of avandia, but in the case of the osteoporosis drugs the benefits still outweigh the risks. are you confused as we are? here to help us sort it all out, we have the author of a new book called "due consideration: controversy in an age of medical
3:31 pm
miracles." great to have you with us. how can this happen in a day and age where there's so many critical trials, all the testing required prior to the fda going ahead to saying this drug is okay for use. >> well we have a system that is expensive. it's tested for doses and then tested for eticacy. the problem with the system the it's front loaded. we're trying to prevent risks no the subject who is get the drugs first. we're not aggressive about following things on the doctor's prescription pad or into the drugstores. so we have recalls that come after lots of problems appear. not monitoring what's going on in the real world. paying too much attention, i think, to the safety problems that may arise the first time somebody tests a drug. >> how do you answer skeptics
3:32 pm
saying there's so much money to be knead from the drugs that pharmaceutical companies are bound to look the other way when the problems arise to cash? >> well, there's merit to that. we've seen instances of people suppressing drugs for the industry. information about safety is not rapidly released. it seems to me you need to have a regulatory system that says we're going to mandate every adverse event, every problem get reported. we do that with vaccines. it has to be investigated. we want to hear the reports and figure out what's going on. the system we use in vaccines could be extended to the drug realm, pick up the problems earlier than we are, rather than finding out that, row know a couple hundred people are dead of heart attacks before anything notices, as seems to be the case with avandia. >> trying to connect the dots here. here's a quote from the director
3:33 pm
of the main senter. the basic underlying theme is we don't have good long-term safety indices for chronic common diseases we are treating with major drugs. is it possible, arthur, to test a new drug for side effects that may not appear if many years to come? >> well, look at it this way, thomas. we test drugs on the healthiest people. people who don't take other medicines. in the real world, people don't take the doses they're supposed to. if they feel good, they skip it. they may take alternative medicines, other things interacting. often times they're older and sicker. we need to say let's test for the real world. not the ideal world. what we really want to know is what happens when we give this to a diabetic who is 85 years old out in the real world?
3:34 pm
we have to revamp our system for test drugs. >> so what is the best advice for the consumer if they have questions or concerns about the drugs that they've been prescribed? >> two things. be honest with your doctor. if you feel any type of symptoms or side effects, report them. let the doctor figure out if they're due to medicine or an underlying disease. be honest. tell the doctors all the medicines yur taking. tell if you're on any kind of special diet. the only way they can figure out if something is going on is if we're honest with the doctors. got to be. >> arthur kaplan, thank you for joining us. we appreciate your time. >> my pleasure. >> nearly 5,000 rape kits have finally been pulled from storage in california and they've been shipped now for proper testing. they sat completely untouched for years. because of a backlog at the los angeles county police department. it's expected to take another eight months for the testing of the kits to be completed.
3:35 pm
that's around june of 2011. l.a. officials revealed details in 2008. in 1999 new york released information showing 17,000 kits had accumulated in that state, clint van zandt joins me now to talk about this. the numbers are staggering in the horrible crimes. why does it take so long for police to get the kits out for processing? let's start with los angeles? almost 5,000 have been sitting on the shelves. >> what the police labs will tell you is they're short of money, they're short of personnel. they're constantly asked to prioritize cases left and right. this is one of the most horrific crime society. to say these cases can be handled, as you know, many police departments are now
3:36 pm
pushing the cases to outside dna labs to do the testing. the idea these kits should languish for years, in the state of illinois, for example, only 20% of a group of police departments surveyed. only 20% of the departments had even done anything with the rape kits over a 15-year period. that's a terrible black eye on law enforcement as far as i'm concerned. >> what are they telling the victims? what should the victims expect out of a situation like this? >> we victimize and revictimize a woman or man who goes through a sexual assault. first they're victimized. then they have to go through the police report. then they wind up in a hospital for five hours as a rape kit is taken. then they may be reinterviewed again. this brings it back to mind over and over. for most victims the idea is
3:37 pm
maybe i can stop this person from victimizing someone else. think about the victim who is find out a year or two years, 15 years as gone by and no one has looked at the rape kit, much less analyzed it. in many states five, eight, ten years the statute of limb station tolls. and if they identify a perpetrator after time you can't touch him because of the statute. >> are the suspected rapists on lockdown while waiting for any of these results to come? >> in many cases the answer is no. some of these, thomas, some individuals have been arrested. some have confessed to the crime. there are case after case after case where you hear of a victim who has been violently assaulted. then she has to follow up herself to push police to do something with the rape kit. and then many times victims have
3:38 pm
to follow the media trying to find similar crimes to bring it to the attention of law enforcement to get them to do that type of comparison again. and, thomas, i have to go back to my agency, too. the fbi. the fbi has about 7 million profiles, dna profiles that they deal with. because of the fbi's desire to make sure everything goes into the system in a certain way, unless dna is certified by a police lab, it cannot go into the fbi's system. even these private labs want to test tdna, once the test is completed, it has still ha go to the police lab. they have to review it, certify it before it can go back to the national lab again. if we can take fingerprints from a criminal, we should be able to take an individual's dna and process that just as fast as the fingerprints to keep criminals, crazies, rapists and killers off
3:39 pm
the street, and dna is a magic bullet if used the right way. >> should the governor of california have stepped in to help with the process to speed it up when we talk about the l.a. rape kits? >> the government of california needs to help. but it was just a year ago that the lapd laboratory had to give the federal government half a million dollars back that the federal government had given that city to move the dna along. and the lapd simply didn't move it. didn't get the dna processed. so they turned a half a million dollars back. thomas, you divide a half million dollars by 1,000 dollars per test. how much of those cases could have been cleaned up if larm would have done its job and moved these things along? >> and back to the point the victims having to wait and being put off and not getting the answers they need.
3:40 pm
msnbc analyst clint van zand trtrzandt. this strikes last week's ruling that banned gays from zeshing openly. another moving piece to the entire story. yesterday a federal judge in california tentatively rejected the government's request to delay her ruling. the justice department is appealing the decision and has asked the court for a temporary stay on the ruling. and at this hour, we are waiting for the full-time ruling. we ask you to stay with us here on msnbc as we await that verdict. today we say good-bye to one of hollywood's most iconic and beloved father figures. tom bosley has died at the sage of 83. you probably best remember him as mr. cunningham from the sitcom "happy days." later in his career the award winning star was also a glad trashbags pitch man. you may remember that, too.
3:41 pm
he died of heart failure this morning. he was battling lung cancer. today henry wink ller is reing s friend. and our most positive thoughts go out to the family. bosley's death comes just days after that of another beloved team parents who played june cleaver on leave it to beaver. when all the ballots are counted, who will rise to the top of the crowded field of candidates and surprise us all?
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the daily beast has isolated key races and trends to watch out for. benjamin is the washington correspondent with the daily beast. let's start off with alaska. i like saying it like that. alaska, the three-way race. >> well, no one knows what's going to happen in alaska. it's been one surprise after another. no one expected joe miller to win this surprise against lisa murkowski. no one expected her to stay in as a write-in candidate and poll competitively. the democratic challenger isn't
3:46 pm
so far off. really anything could happen. >> let's go to arizona. ben quayle, is he in trouble? >> well, ben quayle had a very, very difficult primary. it was a tough win for him to get the nomination. a recent poll shows him down 46-44. this is a pretty republican district. it's a republican incumbent leaving. i think his personal scandals are weighing him down a bit. take us to delaware. coons is in a solid lead over christine o'donnell. >> i don't think there's a surprise likely in november. but it's so surprising we're in this situation. this was going to be a safe seat in a blue state for republicans. everyone thought they had it in the bag with mike castle. christine o'donnell is flailing
3:47 pm
in the polls. she's gotten a lot of donations, a lot of cash. she can't seem to convince anybody that she's a credible candidate. >> sharron angle is really putting up a fight here. >> when sharron angle won the nomination, a lot of reaction was similar to when mike castle lost. they had reid but now he's going to survive easily. this isn't a serious candidate. as she has had a lot of missteps and gaffes has managed to keep it razor thin the entire time. this has been a 50/50 split tr the beginning of the campaign. it will be a nail biter right down to election day. >> speaking of nail biters, let's go to wisconsin. he's trailing badly in the polls. what happened there? >> he might have just misread his state. this was very surprising. people did not think the seat was much in play. this is a good example of where
3:48 pm
a credible candidate matters. as opposed to delaware and some of the problems going on in nevada and kentucky. ron johnson has really managed to establish himself as somewhat of a credible alternative. at least somewhat of a regular politician who voters can say, okay, i'm mad at obama, i feel comfortable voting for this guy. he's not too far out there. >> john racey, the republican, he's gained against joe manchin. >> you have to remember west virginia voted twice against obama in hillary clinton's primary. he's never been popular there. there's definitely an opening. >> where he is popular, california. meg whitman spent $140 million of her own personal cash in the campaign. jerry brown has a small but
3:49 pm
consistent polling lead. i think president clinton was just out there with jerry brown. not that long ago trying to help him ramp up the support. >> yeah, there's no doubt this has to be a disappointing spot for whitman now. you think $140 million may buy you a small lead in the polls. but republicans are not trusting her still. they have a lot of misgiving about her campaign. jerry brown has been a huge figure in california for decades there. he still has a loyal following. >> let's talk about david vitter. he really seems to be invincible against the democrat, charlie malencon. >> david vitter, from the moment he had the it's not like this has gone away. democrats have been hitting on it. there have been further scandals that should seriously affect him. he had a fire with a long
3:50 pm
criminal history. a lot of questions about why he tolerated this person on staff and yet, none of it seems to get anywhere. >> we have two weeks to go from today. thanks for joining us today. and chris matthew, "hardball" senator continues this week. that's at 5:00 eastern. don't miss it. yesterday was a great show. an update on the protest in central paris where demonstrators say they won't stop striking until the government backs down. stephanie gosk is in paris and filed this report. >> reporter: clashes between students and police have been the most violent. they're nowhere near retirement age, but most don't work, but they're worried their futures are at risk. police shot rubber bullets and tear gas.
3:51 pm
the police blockaded the school. in a backlash over the increase in retirement age, has triggered demonstrations and strikes that threaten to strange l the french economy. the anger over the modest age increase may come as a surprise to americans who work harder and to a later age. u.s. workers get an average of two weeks vacation a year. the french, a month. and by law, the workweek is only 35 hours long. 70% of the population here supports the strike. president sarkozy and his government say the changes are tough, but necessary and they won't back down. the vote on the proposal was going to take plus tomorrow. it has been pushed back to thursday. but the bill is expected to pass easily. >> up next, what's making headlines in the news now? you're going to find out when msnbc returns.
3:52 pm
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welcome back. in the news now, still some mystery behind a shooting that set off an alert at the pentagon today, but officers are calling it a random event. the bullets did not go through and the office was empty and under construction at the time. so far, no arrests. get ready to check your medicine cabinets. another round of tylenol products is being recalled. this time, lot bcm 155. some customers complained of a moldy smell coming from the bottles. and royal watchers are on high later once again. a british tab b is reporting
3:56 pm
that prince william and kate middleton will tie the knot next summer. the royal insiders say they will announce their engagement in the string and get married in july or august and take place where princess diana's funeral was held. that is our show. t"the dylan ratigan show" is up next. stick around. because we're bi. our pens... our snacks... everything... and one of the best ways to protect yourself and your coworkers is with a flu shot from walgreens. with the most pharmacists certified to immunize and walk-ins welcome every day, we're making it easier for everyone to get their flu shot. get yours at walgreens and take care clinics today. walgreens. there's a way to stay well.
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